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South Surrey Directional Signage Program

Morgan Heights, North Grandview Heights, Sunnyside Heights and Orchard Grove (South Surrey) Directional Signage Program

If you are developer and would like to market your project on any or all of the above City-owned signage, please complete the Site Request Form and forward to the Realty Services Division. A staff member will contact you within two (2) business days.

The Surrey Sign By-law, 1999, No. 13656 (the "Sign By-law") regulates “the appearance, size, height, design and location of signs”, on private property, public lands and on or within a highway. The Sign By-law contains regulations pertaining to temporary on-site real estate development/construction signs related to advertising to potential customers new development projects on a temporary basis. See Sign By-law Summary Guide for additional information.

The Highway, Traffic & Parking By-law, No. 13007 regulates the installation of signs on public boulevards or road allowances. The City of Surrey does not allow the installation of signs within its road allowance areas.

Please note that the Realty Services Division does not issue sign permits or process by-law complaints in relation to signage within the City of Surrey. For more information, please contact the Building Division, Commercial, for sign permits and By-law Enforcement for any complaints or concerns.

For more information regarding the South Surrey Directional Signage Program, please contact Paula Kucharczyk or Karmelle Yakimovitch.