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Surrey Sustainability Charter Progress Report

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July 24, 2014

In the latest progress report of the Surrey Sustainability Charter, the City continues to make significant strides in meeting its goals. The Charter was adopted by Council in 2008 and built around three pillars: economic, environmental and social-cultural.

“The Surrey Sustainability Charter was developed collaboratively with our residents, businesses and community stakeholders,” says Mayor Dianne Watts. “The considerable progress we have made in a number of key areas will help to ensure that our City remains vibrant and viable for future generations to come.”
In the 2013 report, the City is meeting or exceeding targets in 39 of 49 targeted areas. Of particular note are the following:

  • A significant increase in residential garbage diversion from 38% in 2007 to 68% in 2013 with the introduction of the organics waste collection program.
  • An increase in active transportation infrastructure with over 100 kilometers of greenways, park paths and trails, and cycling trails added since 2010.
  • Between 2006 and 2013, that has been an increase of more than 560 social housing units, as a result of the construction of additional units of supportive/transitional housing units.
  • Early achievement of the target for accessibility of bus stops, with 76% of these stops meeting accessibility criteria in 2013.
  • Ongoing decreases in average daily residential water consumption, due largely to the City’s water metering and behavioural change initiatives.
  • Continued high levels of volunteering, with 4,000 volunteers noted in 2013.
  • A steady increase in the number of registered arts and culture groups with Surrey Arts Council, and the number of cultural business licenses in the City.

“In the past five years since the Surrey Sustainability Charter was endorsed, we have made great strides in becoming a more sustainable city,” says Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee Chair Cllr Bruce Hayne. “I want to thank our many community stakeholders and partners for their continued dedication to making Surrey a more sustainable place to live, work and play.”

A Sustainability “Dashboard” is posted on the City’s website to provide a visual representation of the City’s performance on the selected indicators and targets. The Dashboard illustrates information on the City’s progress toward achieving the Sustainability Charter’s vision, goals and actions, and is intended to influence positive behaviors in the community related to sustainability issues and challenges.

For program information:
Anna Mathewson
Manager, Sustainability
City of Surrey

For media inquiries:
Oliver Lum
Communications Manager
Office of the Mayor, City of Surrey