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Surrey Services - Do Your Part, Make the Call

Do you part

May 21, 2014

Surrey, BC – Are you unsure how to report graffiti, abandoned houses, dumping or damaged street signs? As part of our ongoing commitment to community connection and engagement, the City has created a new wallet size card with a variety of numbers listed. The card is being mailed with utility bills to residents starting May 20, 2014 and is expected to reach the majority of residents over the next four months as the cycle of utility bill mailings takes place.

The Surrey Services - Do Your Part, Make the Call card serves to raise awareness of the importance of reporting by providing an all in one resource for residents to connect with the numerous city services available by phone. The handy sized card also includes several other important numbers such as Transit Police or ICBC to assist people in knowing how to report concerns when travelling or commuting on transit or if incidents are witnessed while driving. As well, various outreach support services are included on the card to encourage people to call for assistance if they witness or know of a person who is in need of support such as with housing or addiction services.

The card is also available at City recreation facilities, libraries and RCMP district offices and can be downloaded from the City’s website at:

If you wish to receive more copies of the card for your block watch group, family, or business please contact Marion Chow at or 604-598-5704.

Be Part of the Solution - If we all work together, become engaged in our community, recognize when to report and fix problems when they are small, we will be successful in keeping our community safe and vibrant. Do your part and make the call!