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City of Surrey Recognized for Best Practice on Climate Control

Compressed natural gas truck

June 13, 2013

Surrey, BC - The City of Surrey’s Sustainable Waste Management program was recognized for its innovation and leadership in support of environmental and economic sustainability in a Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Annual Report released last week. The report entitled Partners for Climate Protection, National Measures Report 2012, acknowledged the success of the program was in part based on its alignment of policy, planning, and the political will to take on measured risk.

“This was a major accomplishment as part of our city’s Sustainability Charter,” says City of Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts. “To be recognized as a best practice by the FCM shows we are on the right track and leading the way in Canada.”

The Rethink Waste Program launched in October of 2012 has already resulted in a 70% waste diversion target being reached, with a corresponding 43% drop in landfill bound garbage, and the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trucks used to collect the waste are producing 23% less carbon emissions and 90% less air particulates.

“We are extremely pleased with the results of waste diversion at this point in the program, and the reduction in CO2 emissions is a significant step in implementing the Sustainability Charter,” says Councillor Bruce Hayne, Chair of the Environmental sustainability Advisory Committee. “Our Charter serves as a guiding document for municipal initiatives, including climate protection goals and key actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

The FCM report states “The sum of these measures is aimed to create a cleaner city, placing Surrey at the global from line of sustainable organic waste diversion practices.” The FCM case study concluded by saying: “In Surrey’s case, Surrey Council was, and remains, highly supportive and engaged in ensuring not only that the project succeeds, but that the city demonstrates global leadership in evoking sustainable change.”

For more information about Surrey’s Sustainability program visit . To view the full FCM Partners for Climate Protection, National Measures Report for 2012 visit


For program info contact:

Anna Mathewson
Sustainability Manager
City Manager’s Department

Media Contact:

Judy Mann
Executive Assistant, Office of the Mayor