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City to Host First Ever Community Summit

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July 23, 2012

Surrey – The City of Surrey will host its first ever Community Summit, which will be designed to connect the people and places of Surrey, Mayor Dianne Watts announced today.

The event will take place in April 2013 and the featured speaker will be Gord Hume, one of Canada’s leading voices on municipal government, cultural planning and creative cities. The event will include the Mayor, Councillors and the senior management team representing all departments at City Hall. The event will provide an opportunity for the City to engage, consult, and share information about important initiatives. Residents will be able to give feedback and learn how they can participate in civic processes.

“This is another step in a series of engagement initiatives we have taken with residents. We want to bring the community into the decision-making process in a very inclusive and proactive way,” says Mayor Dianne Watts. “As we create the second metropolitan centre of the region, it’s important to continue to connect with people in a relevant way. We are all in this together and the Community Summit will be a really unique way to engage people in a manner that has never been done before in our city.”

She adds, the annual Surrey Regional Economic Summit has been very successful and she is confident the Community Summit will produce the same level of interest and positive outcomes.

“A strong, cohesive community is achieved through partnerships and effective communication - the community response to the town hall meetings we hosted in every part of Surrey was extremely positive,” says Councillor Barinder Rasode, Chair of the Community Association Consultation Committee. “The Community Summit will be about open dialogue and accountability, which is becoming increasingly important as our population continues to grow.” She adds, additional event details will be announced in the coming months.

The Community Summit is a follow-up to the six town hall meetings held earlier this year, and will address topics such as transportation, public safety, environmental issues and civic engagement.

The City of Surrey developed a new community consultation framework in 2011, which is now used as a basis for communications between the City, community groups, residents and businesses. The project involved 38 community associations from across the city, who were asked to establish guiding principles and standard protocols for community consultation.

The public is being encouraged to submit their ideas for session topics by email to:

For more information on the City’s consultation principles, please visit:

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