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1220-30-21-09 - Consultant - District Energy Strategy





Consultant - District Energy Strategy - Surrey City Centre


Overview and Objectives

The purpose of the District Energy Strategy is to build upon a number of existing energy policies and preliminary, high-level background studies to lay the foundation for a connected network of district energy systems in Surrey’s City Centre that are designed for flexible, low-GHG energy sources, including renewable sources such as sewer heat recovery, geoexchange heat, and biomass. The City Centre will be Metro Vancouver’s second downtown, with a projected population of 65,000 residents and 37,000 employees by 2030, and will use sustainability as a key planning principle.

While the timing for the implementation of the ultimate district energy systems and alternative energy sources will be dependent on market conditions and available technologies, the current level of development activity provides an excellent opportunity to create a strategy for anticipated future development. The deliverables of this study will include technical background papers, a policy framework for land use and buildings, and direction for incorporating district energy systems and alternative energy sources into the City’s infrastructure plans. The lessons learned should be readily transferrable to other Town Centres in the City and region.

The project will build on a recent conceptual sewer heat recovery study that reviewed sites in the City Centre that are transit oriented, designated for high density, mixed-use development and in close proximity to sewer heat sources. The study recommended that the City conduct additional research on district energy systems at nodes that could be developed within a 10 to 20 year timeframe and where sewer heat would be available along with other options for supplying heat to district energy systems. This approach supports the overall viability of district energy.

The overall objective of the study is to inform policies for the upcoming Official Community Plan (OCP) review and the Implementation Strategy for the City Centre Plan Update. The OCP review, which will incorporate Sustainability Charter objectives, will have distinct Energy, Resources and Climate Change section, which will include a framework for promoting energy efficiency and alternative energy. The City Centre Plan Update is a comprehensive land use plan that will incorporate a “Sustainability Layer” that will promote energy innovation.

The specific objective of the study is to apply Triple Bottom Line analysis to develop the policy, technical and financial foundation for the use of large scale, high-efficiency district energy systems with a significant alternative energy component supporting energy efficient buildings in a market-driven development environment.

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Consultant - District Energy Strategy - Surrey City Centre
Issue Date: August 10, 2009
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August 21, 2009 - 3:00 p.m.


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