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Website Accessibility

JAWS on computer screen.

Surrey websites working towards accessibility

We're working hard to make our websites more accesible, but need your help to make sure all of our sites meet your needs.

So far, we've made several improvements to assist users with accessibility needs:

  • Providing alternative text for all images.
  • Checking that our graphics have accessible colour contrast.
  • Offering Google Translate.
  • Editing content to ensure it's in Plain Language.
  • Striving to create accessible PDFs, like with our bylaws, and notifying you the PDFs open in new windows.
  • Working with 150 staff members across all City departments to create web content that's accessible to screen readers.

Surrey Libraries offer Assistive Technologies to access websites

The Surrey Libraries also offer many assistive technologies to help you, as a Surrey resident, access our City websites and surf the Internet.

  • JAWS Screen Reading Software
  • Kensington Expert Mouse
  • DRAGON Naturally Speaking
  • MAGic- Screen Magnification Software
  • Kurzweil 3000- Optical Character (OCR) Software

Surrey Libraries offer these services as part of their READ-Ability services.

Tell us how we can make our website more accessible to you by email at, on Twitter @CityofSurrey, or on The City of Surrey on Facebook